Franklin Elementary

Franklin Elementary is located at 3506 Franklin Street in Omaha. This elementary school serves students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.  In addition to the regular classroom instruction, a number of supplemental programs are available to assist students.  Resource teachers and materials are available to enhance learning for children in reading, mathematics, special education, gifted and talented programs, and guidance and counseling.  The Franklin Flyer is a school publication that gives students a unique opportunity to publish creative writing and art.  Franklin School enjoys the involvement of six business and community partners who provide expertise and enriching experiences for students. An active parent-teacher partnership (PTP) provides activities that engender material and financial support and bring together school and community families.  Franklin is also supported by an active Community Learning Center. Franklin CLC has before and after school programs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.  True to its mission the staff, parents and community collaborate to ensure that "Every child, Every day, Every way, EXPERIENCES SUCCESS!"